Sold: N4232 Hwy 73 Wautoma, Wi 54982


Space for everyone with this relaxing country property! Great home with open concept on the main level with the kitchen, dining room, and living room. There is also a main floor laundry room, two bedrooms, and a full bathroom upstairs.

Another full bathroom, bedroom, and bonus room downstairs. Lots of sunshine with large windows upstairs and down in this well maintained walk-out. Foot-thick walls make for lower heating and cooling costs.

Walk out on the large back deck to enjoy five acres of mature pine woods which surround five acres of pasture. Fenced area and barn with loft make this a wonderful place for horses or a hobby farm.

Invisible dog fencing installed and a play house with a slide for the kids. Farther out in the back of the property you’ll find a shooting range, hunting shack, berry bushes, and new fruit trees.

Come on out for a showing before this one is gone!

Five Paint Colors That Reduce Stress

paint brush with egg shell paint

In this hectic, modern world coming home to a relaxing space has become even more important. Creating a space which allows you and your family to renew their energy in a calm, peaceful environment is easier than you might think.

The design colors you choose do more than anything else to create the atmosphere you want, and nothing is easier to change than your paint colors.

Here are 5 paint colors that reduce stress:

1. Blue – Blue is often used in bedrooms and is shown to reduce tension.

2. Violet – Not the vibrant purple, but subtle lavender hues can bring an inner balance and sense of peace.

3. Green – Reflecting the natural environment of the outdoors, green is visually soothing and refreshing.

4. Grey – One of the best new neutrals, a cooling grey shade is easy on the eye and creates the illusion of larger space.

5. Pink – Long hailed by Feng Shui experts as an energy color, pink provides a lovely backdrop for a bright space.

Our homes serve as the center of our personal lives. With our busy schedules, coming home should be relaxing and regenerating. Changing the feel of our homes is as simple as a weekend painting project.

What Is A 1031 Exchange?

One of the most common real estate investment transactions is the 1031 Exchange. Simply put, a 1031 Exchange (also called a “like-kind” exchange) is the swap of one investment asset for another which defers capital gains taxes on profits.

A like-kind asset refers to selling one class of investment for a similar type of asset. For example, an investor currently holds several multi-family properties, such as duplexes, and wishes to sell them all in order to purchase a larger multi-family property, such as an apartment complex. This would qualify as a like-kind exchange.

There are specific IRS rules which must be carefully adhered to in order to qualify for the deferred capital gains tax. The sale must take place through an intermediary.

Title companies are one such option and when coupled with the use of a real estate agent, the easiest. The new asset must also be identified within 45 days of the sale of the current asset and the sale must conclude within 180 days. Finally, the asset must be held for over 1 year before it is eligible for use in a 1031 exchange.

Serious investors use the 1031 exchange to buy and sell assets as new opportunities present themselves, while shielding themselves from immediate capital gains liability.

Sold : PRICE REDUCED! N4232 Hwy 73 – Wautoma Wisconsin

Have you ever wanted to start a hobby farm? Well here is your chance! Check out this 3 bedroom 2 bathroom home with 10 acres, and a stable barn already to go for you and your dreams!

Space for everyone with this relaxing country property! Great home with kitchen, dining room, living room, laundry, two bedrooms and a full bathroom on the main floor. Lower level includes a full bedroom, bathroom, bonus room and rec area. Lots of sunshine with large windows upstairs and down in this well maintained walk-out. Foot-thick walls make for lower heating and cooling costs. Walk out on the large back deck to enjoy five acres of pine woods with surround five acres of pasture. Fenced area and barn with loft make this a wonderful area for horses or hobby farm. Check it out today!

Price Reduced: $220,900

N1841 William Dr Waupaca wi – Open House 9/1/19

N1841 William Drive Front of house photo
Front of House

Open house on this property, check out the great things already done for you on this property. Close to Chain o’ Lakes and 4 miles from Hartman Creek State Park. Get all of your adventures in with this home. Pre-built fenced in Garden with two producing apple trees in the back.

Open House Sept 1st from 10 am – 12 pm

The Kayaking Adventure of Doom!


Did you know I was a lifeguard back in the day? You would not have guessed that if you were the family fishing on the dock watching me kayak.

I have never been a person that is up for complete adventure. I like adventures but safe adventures and ones that include a little structure.

I am also a person with anxiety. I know it has to be genetics as both of my parents have a part of it, and I have passed some of it down to my daughter.

I am afraid of the unknown, as well as losing control. This is just who I am. So doing this was rough on me because I didn’t know how to paddle, didn’t know what would happen once I was out in the water and didn’t know how to get back.

With some coaching and after spinning around and learning I could control it.. I may try this again. The fear of the unknown still lingers in my head but I know I will be ok.

Wanna see the video of me freaking out?? Ok they missed the good part where I tried to jump out of the kayak and started screaming like a crazy person.. * oh the good people fishing on the dock had a show* But check it out!

Thanks to my daughter and my wife for letting me know I’ll be ok.. and thanks to the dock people for not laughing.. haha!

Expired: W5441 Sunset Drive Wild Rose, Wi 54984

front of house w5441 sunset drive wild rose wi 54984
Front of House


Check out this 3 bedroom 1.5 bath home close to big hills lake in Wild Rose Wisconsin.

This house has a walk out like feature in the kitchen and two car garage with laundry on the main floor. Want to be close to the lakes, this is a house that can’t be beat!

Want to see more? Schedule a showing today!

Life with my coffee – catch up

Well hello, it has been quite some time so I thought we should catch up.

Life with my coffee is a blend of all the niche blogs everyone said “you” had to have way back when I started blogging way back in mid 2000’s.

Back then everyone said for each thing you want to blog about you should have a separate place for that. I couldn’t figure out why but back then I thought I would get more traffic trying to keep all areas of my life separate. But what actually happened is that I fell off the wagon time and time again trying to keep up with updating them all, keeping sponsors happy and trying to come up with content to make the readers happy.

So enter 2017 when I started life with my coffee, I tried really hard to keep it another niche platform, but soon realized that it is best to compile everything in life in one place.

2018 I let it go once again because I felt it was a dying form no one wanted to read blogs any more. But I kept feeling like something was missing.

Enter summer 2019, while I have a pretty successful career, and I enjoy so much more things now than I have in the past 10 years of blogging I felt it was time to unleash the blogging dragon once again.

Welcome to the revamped life with my coffee blog. We talk about it all here, from books to reviews to camping and hiking to what ever may be on my mind.

I am a married lesbian with a pre teen daughter and I am excited to share a glimpse in to our lives. I will not sugar coat it a whole lot I will keep it as real as possible.

Best wishes on your day!